Friday, June 24, 2005


Africa's leaders want our money, not our advice:
The African Union has rejected calls from the UK and the US to put pressure on Zimbabwe to stop its demolition of illegal houses and market stalls.

An AU spokesman told the BBC that it had many more serious problems to consider than Zimbabwe.

The UN says that 275,000 people have been made homeless. At least three children have been crushed to death.


"If the government that they elected say they are restoring order by their actions, I don't think it would be proper for us to go interfering in their internal legislation," AU spokesman Desmond Orjiako told the BBC's Network Africa programme.

His comments were backed up by South Africa, Zimbabwe's giant neighbour, which some see as the key to solving Zimbabwe's problems.

Presidential spokesman Bheki Khumalo said he was "irritated" by calls from UK Foreign Secretary Jack Straw to do more to end the "horrors" in Zimbabwe.

"South Africa refuses to accept the notion that because suddenly we're going to a G8 summit, we must be reminded that we must look good and appease the G8 leaders," he said.

"We will do things because we believe they are correct and right."


Correspondents say that many African leaders see Mr Mugabe as a hero for leading the fight against colonial rule.
There's really no doubt about it, Africa's a corrupt shit-hole.


Anonymous Jorgen said...

Let me see if I can express it a bit more diplomatically than you. ... No, your wording is right on the mark.

4:28 AM  
Anonymous The_Real_JeffS said...

I agree. My, I like your way with words, JF!

9:18 PM  

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