Thursday, June 30, 2005


There's political blood in the water and the sharks are attacking each other:
Former Victorian Liberal premier Jeff Kennett has apologised to former Labor leader Mark Latham for questioning his mental health.

Mr Kennett is the chairman of the Beyond Blue depression support group and yesterday he told the ABC he was concerned Mr Latham's biography showed signs of a person suffering a bi-polar illness.

Mr Kennett says Mr Latham has denied he is ill and has expressed hurt at his comments.

He says he withdraws the comments and did not intend to harm or embarrass Mr Latham or his family.

"Mark rang up and indicated that he was hurt by the comments I'd made and indicated that he'd like an apology and a retraction," Mr Kennett said.

"It is not a crime to be sick, it's not a crime to be ill and therefore we encourage people to seek help for anything that disturbs them," he said.

"That was the basis on which I made the comments in good faith, but he's taken exception and I'm happy to apologise and withdraw."
Maybe it's my imagination but Kennett doesn't seem sincere.


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I love the title!

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