Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Lefty doom-and-gloom-monger James Kuntsler is pessimistic about America's energy future:
Iraq is not Vietnam, all right, because there is no way the US can pull out now without severe consequences, namely the loss of our access to all the oil in the Middle East -- where two-thirds of the world's remaining oil is.
Not everyone agrees with these oil reserve figures:
The Middle East does not have two thirds of world oil reserves, as is claimed by the oil companies and the US Dept. of Energy.

In fact, the Middle East contains only two thirds of one type of reserve. According to the US Geological Survey, the Middle East has only half to one third of world oil reserves.

There is a large supply of oil elsewhere in the world which is available at higher but affordable prices. The idea that only the Middle East has the key to the world's energy future is not true and is politically dangerous.
Time will tell.

By the way, it's worth clicking on the Kuntsler link above just to get a look at his smarter-than-thou lefty smirk. Silly Kuntsler.


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