Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Lunatic lefty blogger Anthony Loewenstein doesn't know what Douglas Wood's role was in Iraq but is inclined to think him a war profiteer:
Before we start labelling people like Wood heroes, let's take a closer look at their role in the post-occupation phase and who is really benefiting. Daily Flute blog puts it best: "If profiteer Douglas Wood gets into trouble in Iraq again, what say he pays for the rescue efforts?" And a prediction. The money Wood will receive for appearing on Channel Ten television next week will not be going to the Iraqi people. I'd like to be proven wrong. Thus far, Wood has proven himself to be a lover of money rather than showing any affection for the people he was supposedly helping in Iraq.

UPDATE: Douglas will not be returning to Iraq. Perhaps he can make some money in another occupation zone. There must be some vital jobs in Afghanistan.
Loewenstein's hit count has been sliding of late – it's hard to believe, it's lower than mine – so he's apparently trying to generate some controversy hits. He should do what I do and tackle a blogger with a bigger readership; it's a sure way to increase interest. I suggest Loewenstein take on Tim Blair; anyone who's obsessed with plastic turkeys can't be fully together in the head.


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