Saturday, February 02, 2008


A photo exhibition is causing controversy in Sweden:
The photos, by American photographer Andres Serrano, depict scenes including a man performing oral sex on himself and a woman clutching a horse's penis.
Creative genius Serrano's most famous work is Piss Christ which, along with a range of his works, can be viewed here.

If Serrano really wanted to stir up some controversy he could always revisit the urine theme by creating Piss Prophet but doing so would provoke a stronger reaction than that currently directed at him by reactionary freaks:
The controversy over the exhibition has been taken to a new level by the involvement of the neo-Nazi Nationalsocialistisk Front (NSF), which has been distributing flyers protesting against the exhibition.
Jeez, we live in a topsy turvy world where offended neo-Nazis make their point by distributing brochures but devout Muslims threaten beheadings and bombings over caricatures.


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