Monday, January 25, 2010

Australian navy blamed for not anticipating arson

Asylum seekers on board SIEV 36 emptied a large quantity of petrol below decks and then intentionally ignited it, causing an explosion and fire that killed five people. Quite naturally, the Royal Australian Navy is deemed to be responsible:

Asylum seekers "blown off" a sabotaged boat could have survived had the Navy followed stricter safety precautions, an inquest has heard.

Yes, and the asylum seekers would have survived had they not created a petrol-fueled inferno. As if RAN personnel had any reason to think anyone would be stupid enough to create a disaster at sea. And if those on board the SIEV 36 really wanted to die why didn't they jump into the ocean?

Certainly RAN staff could have taken better precautions but the fire and resulting deaths are not their responsibility and they shouldn't be made to wear it.


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