Saturday, January 30, 2010

The internet: A great place to meet people

With the presumed murder of Melbourne businessman Herman Rockefeller -- remains are being tested to confirm identity -- it looks like Victoria has something of a violent crime problem. And this is shaping up as a doozy, with police investigating the possibility Rockefeller met those charged with his murder "through a swinger's website." According to the accuseds' neighbours, police had asked questions about a non-traditional barbecue:

The homicide guy came and asked us whether or not we saw any burning or smelt any burning on Australia Day.

Yep, this looks to be an especially lurid, and probably totally senseless, crime. But with a dead millionaire, hints at sexual shenanigans and the possibility of a dismembered and cremated corpse there will be intense public interest. By the way, it is always ominous when one of the accused is described as "a good girl".


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