Friday, January 29, 2010

Science fight: G-spot controversy

Scientists claim to know with reasonable certainty what's happening with climate over the 510,072,000 km² of the Earths surface but cannot agree on the topography of the vagina: British researchers say the G-spot is likely a myth, French experts countering that the British know nothing about sex.

There are a handful of subjects - among them cricket, the weather and the art of downing pints through a funnel - on which the French deign to allow the English a degree of authority. Sex, however, is not one of them.

Today, just three weeks after scientists at King's College London declared that the elusive G-spot may be a myth, a group of gynaecologists gathered in Paris to launch a counter-attack on what they called a "totalitarian" approach to female sexuality.

Denouncing the study carried out last year by British researchers as fundamentally flawed, the French scientists insisted the fabled erogenous zone did exist in many women – around 60% according to Sylvain Mimoun, the organiser of the conference.

The French researchers declaring that the G-spot is rather elusive and does not exist in all women as a "magic button". Should volunteers be required to assit with future research I hereby volunteer.


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