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Europeans accuse Australians of kangaroo cruelty

European do-gooders, concerned at the "cruelty" of kangaroo culling, are creating a ruckus in hope that the importation of all kangaroo products will be banned. Of particular concern is kangaroo shooters' favourite amusement, joey stomping:

When adult animals are killed, leaving defenceless young to fend for themselves, they are brutally killed with a boot to the head or a lead pipe brought down on them; how can this be humane?

Surely a quickly flattened skull in the wild would be a better death than being herded into a factory where the throat is slit as is halal and kosher practice. On the other hand, perhaps it's assumed that Australians are inherently cruel and actually relish head-stomping defenseless baby animals.

Regardless, kangaroo shooting (the sole means of harvest) is tightly regulated and has been closely scrutinised by the RSPCA, with the vast majority of the animals found to have been dispatched with a single shot to the head. Some have their doubts, however:

Every kill must be a head shot and when animals are skinned in the bush, no one checks. Killed animals are delivered to processing plants headless, so how can these kills be confirmed as correct?

Well you see, if the roo wasn't shot in the head, it was shot in the body, with entry and exit wounds clearly visible. Duh.

Celebrities are, of course, jumping on the do-gooder bandwagon:

Dame Judi Dench said: ''As a lover of animals and their welfare I am pleased to add my name to the many others across the world who are supporting this very worthwhile campaign. Cruelty to any animal is barbarism and killing a joey after killing the mother is totally unacceptable.''

It is widely accepted that there is no shortage of kangaroos in Australia, modern farming providing both food and water that would otherwise be unavailable, thus contributing to the growth of kangroo populations. Harvesting is conducted only on marginally productive land, however, the aim being to keep numbers down so that the land is not overgrazed, which would lead to large numbers of roos dying of starvation. Even if not perfectly humane in every case, roo shooting is still more humane than nature's population control measures, which more often than not result in a slow and painful death.

Europeans would do well to shift their attention to Norwegian whaling which involves super-intelligent animals being shot in the head with exploding harpoons; not all of these animals die quickly and painlessly, of course. Hypocrites.


Anonymous Brucie said...

"Surely a quickly flattened skull in the wild would be a better death than being herded into a factory where the throat is slit as is halal and kosher practice"

I can't speak for halal slaughter, but kosher slaughter is designed precisely to be as painless as possible.

Furthermore, kangaroos aren't kosher, so we'll have to keep it as a purely theoretical question.

8:33 PM  
Anonymous Scott said...

I think you will find those that have their doubts are referring to the unknown number of kangaroos left behind that were not head-shot, therefore making those roos unusable. The RSPCA only make inspections of those kangaroos that make it to the chillers, it is no wonder the figure for humanely killed roos is virtually 100%.

The RSPCA do not support the current code for kangaroo shooting either as they are not happy with the fate of joeys at foot. You have only referred to the killing of in-pouch joeys which is the line used by politicians, the kangaroo industry, the ignorant and those Australians that like to think we have some sort of moral superiority over the Japanese, the Norwegians or any other country that slaughter wildlife. There is no provision for joeys at foot in the code and they will not survive if their mother is shot.

By the way kangaroos starving to death is a natural phenomenon, it's how they have evolved over millions of years.

5:03 PM  
Anonymous Macca said...

It is far from widely accepted that Kangaroo numbers are abundant. On the contrary to what the government and the KIAA push out on a regular basis, baseless lies with no evidence to support their claims, Kangaroo species are at their lowest ever, with many species in serious danger of extinction in the coming years. Not only that, but pretty much every fallacy ever produced about Kangaroos being a 'pest' or 'environmental burden' has been proven to be just that, fallacies, time and time again. It's come to the point where the government will openly acknowledge that Kangaroos are nothing more than a 'renewable resource' to them. Worth nothing more than their weight in meat and skin.
The Kangaroo industry is a barbaric, ludicrously cruel industry. From inaccurate firing, hitting the body, mouth, neck, and head but not brain of the Kangaroo, leaving it limping away to die a slow death. And then the pouch joey which must be pulled from its dead mother and have be decapitated or have its head smashed in with an iron bar. Any normal Australian would think you're making it up when you tell them of such unbelievable barbarity. And then finally, the hundreds of thousands of pouch joeys that are left running scared into the bush, dying slowly of thirst, starvation and fright.

The kangaroo industry is an absolute disgrace to our country, a nation that already owns the tile of most extinctions of any nation in the world. We are the only hypocrites by ever accusing another country of wildlife cruelty. Take a look at your back door step before you go criticising someone else.
Go and read: and buy a copy of "Kangaroos myths and realities"

I'll personally be signing the petition to have roo products banned in the EU, and one day, this barbaric, disgusting wildlife massacre will end.

7:02 PM  

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