Friday, February 05, 2010

North Korea: Land of the brainwashed dwarf racist

Deprived of adequate food, inundated with propaganda and prohibited from interacting with the outside world, North Koreans have been forcibly transformed into something less than human:

Starving and stunted dwarves, living in the dark, kept in perpetual ignorance and fear, brainwashed into the hatred of others, regimented and coerced and inculcated with a death cult: This horror show is in our future, and is so ghastly that our own darling leaders dare not face it and can only peep through their fingers at what is coming.

It doesn't really matter if this culture of fear and hatred is of the left or right; but does clearly illustrate the dangers inherent in any government becoming too powerful.


Anonymous AnonD said...

I would argue that there is no such thing as a "Totalitarian Right". The difference between Right and Left is not what type of statism they impose. The difference is that the Left supports statism at the expense of individual rights while the Right supports individual rights and therefore is anti-statism.
The Left has gone to a lot of trouble to destroy the proper meanings of words because it makes it harder to argue against them. Take for example liberal, progressive ... and this is just more of the same effort to make all words pretty much meaningless.
The so-called right doesn't help either. We've just had a Republican President of the USA and a Liberal Prime Minister of Oz both of whom oversaw a massive expansion of the state,so people can be mistaken into thinking that the right is similar in some way to the left. It's not. Both Bush and Howard were simply left-wingers.
Unless politicians come along running on a platform of individual rights and repeal we simply do not have any major opposition to left wing policies in our countries. But don't let the old-school, ruin-of-the-left rationalizations of Hitchens make you believe that the total statism of North Korea, regardless of whether they call themselves communists or military fascists (or whatever), makes them anything other then a Left Wing regime.

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