Friday, February 05, 2010

Shortcut to paradise? No thanks

A 13 year-old Pakistani girl recounts horrific tales of psychological abuse and beatings inflicted by those seeking to pressure her into strapping on a bomb to indiscriminately kill in the name of Allah:

My brother used to prepare bombs and my sister-in-law did too. He told me that he would teach me this. I told him no. I would not even look at what they were doing.

My father and brother told me to carry out a suicide attack. They were pressuring me to do this.

They told me: "If you do it you will go to paradise long before us." I replied: "Why don't you tell me I will go to hell long before you?"

Every day they used to tell me this. Every day. I was very young when they started telling me this. I said to them: "What about all the people I will kill? They are all Muslims."

They started beating me when I refused. They beat me non-stop. They made my life hell. I never had a single moment of happiness. They did everything other than kill me.

This young girl was fortunate to escape with her life and amazingly remains hopeful for the future:

The Taliban slaughter other people's children. They turn women into widows. They should be made to suffer too.

I want these Taliban to be burned alive.

If there is justice in this world young Meena's wish will be realised. Allah willing.





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