Saturday, October 16, 2010

An idiots only mystery

New York artist Sally Davies' photos of a six month old McDonald's Happy Meal that refuses to rot is the talk of the internet at the moment – The Age publishing two articles (here and here) on the supposed mystery. Actually, according to the title of one of the articles – "The Happy Meal that even bacteria reject" – there is no mystery: McDonald's food is so crappy it's unfit even for bacteria, much less suitable for humans. According to Ms Davies fast food consumers who have seen her photos "are afraid and are wondering what they eat."

In reality Ms Davies, an organic fruit and veggies fancier, has merely rediscovered preservation through dehydration, a spoilage-averting technique dating back to prehistoric times. This method is well known to anyone who discovers while cleaner his car's interior a still recognisable months old French fry or two under the seat.


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