Thursday, February 17, 2011

ABC News, cheaply-bought opinion masquerading as analysis

Michael Brull, a regular contributor at the ABC's The Drum, is cited as an authoritative source based on writing "a featured blog at Independent Australian Jewish Voices", yet his most recent post at IAJV was posted in September 2009. In any event, it is unclear exactly how an association with IAJV works in Brull's favour.

Brull's latest contribution to the The Drum is yet more of the same tired Lefty bullshit:
Given the extreme rhetoric coming from the US, we should also be careful about any rendition program for Assange, without gaining credible assurances that he would not face torture or extra-judicial punishment.
As if the United States is going to send in a drone to zap Assange from above or perhaps abduct and imprison him without charge.
When talking about Assange, it has seemed to me important to uphold a very basic principle: that people are not to be judged guilty of crimes until they are found guilty of those crimes in courts of law.
Thus Brull will no doubt be content should Assange be indicted by a U.S. grand jury, tried and found guilty of whatever he might be charged with.

In reality Assange and his Wikileaks colleagues are mere middlemen in leaking government secrets of of no importance whatsoever.

The ABC publishes cheaply-bought opinions by Brull and other die-hard Lefties with no claim to fame rather than pay real journalists to make meaningful contributions. Such is the nature of meaningless citizen journalism.


Anonymous Dan Lewis said...

Michael Brull is the poor man's Antony Loewenstein.

7:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

loewenstien is just a poor man

5:57 PM  

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