Thursday, February 10, 2011

Australia's imported American obesity, diabetes, allergy and cancer epidemics

The assumed dangers of genetically modified foods greatly worry architect Elizabeth Farrelly who concludes that even though the GM threat to health is unproven the evil American empire is already killing Australians:
Sure, there's no proof of harm. But in this great, global experiment there's no proof, either, of safety. Proof takes time, but science takes industry cash and the US has already led us into epidemic obesity, diabetes, allergy and cancer.
It truly amazing that such fear-mongering nonsense is disseminated by the mainstream media. Why is that Lefties refuse to acknowledge that Australians live not only longer but better than ever?


Anonymous Karoly Mohila said...

I wish you researched the topic before dismissed Elizabeth opinion. I have two university digrees from pharmacy, and am researching from the beginning of GM history. First look up Árpád Pusztai story and work. GM food causing liver and kidney defects, just to mention the most horrible effects known and covered up. In health matters there is an overlooked good old rule: if there is only a slight sign of harm, it must be considered very dangerous till proven harmless, nil nocere, as the oath says. Good luck

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