Tuesday, February 22, 2011

PP boyz ignore total lack of evidence

Scientists have looked for but to date have uncovered no increase in damage resulting from natural disasters predicted to be more severe as a result of the effects of global warming. This is confirmed by the latest such study, conducted by economists Eric Neumayer and Fabian Barthel. Thus both Tim Lambert and the PP boy Dave Gaukroger were wrong to attack Andrew Bolt and The Australian for publicising excerpts from the Neumayer and Barthel study.

Yet the PP boyz in their latest podcast (pick it up at 10:00) ignore Neumayer and Barthel's disclaimer that "there is no evidence for a rising long-term trend in so-called 'normalized' disaster damage", instead placing emphasis on Neumayer and Barthel's secondary disclaimer:
Due to our inability to control for defensive mitigation measures, one cannot infer from our analysis that there have definitely not been more frequent and/or more intensive weather-related natural hazards over the study period already.
The PP boyz try to spin the study's results so as to damn Bolt and The Australian but there's no getting around the fact that scientists' have so far failed to find the expected natural disaster enhancement produced by rising temperatures.

PP boy Dave Gaukroger was wrong in his original post and even more wrong in the follow-up in the Pure Poison podcast, which is yet more of same old inaccurate Lefty bullshit.

Update Foundation PP boy Jeremy Sear bemoans the lack of coverage of the Broadmeadows byelection only to be corrected by the ABC's respected election analyst Antony Green. Click on Green's comment and observe Jeremy's subsequent furious back-pedaling as he attempts to excuse his researching incompetence.


Anonymous Ajay said...

Regarding your update, I think Wally is too used to making false allegations about the work of people who can't be bothered even reading his trashy little gossip rag, let alone correcting him every time he gets it wrong. It's spoiled him and made him intellectually flabby, as is evident in his reaction when Green pulls him up on his false byelection coverage claim.

5:43 PM  

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