Monday, February 21, 2011

Quick-fingered female driver

Two twenty-something females in an older car with windows dirt-caked on the inside whizzed past me in a school zone. Their speed didn't help them any as I caught up to them at the first traffic light, the two females gawking and craning their heads to see something of interest in the road side Salvation Army shop. The light turned green and they just sat there gawking, so I eventually gave them a quick toot. The driver didn't pull away, instead looking in the mirror and giving me the finger.

By the time the aggressive young lady pulled forward the light was red, the dumb-ass continuing to look in her mirror while giving me a mouthful, so she didn't notice that the green turning arrow was illuminated. The guy in the car behind me eventually tired of waiting at a green light and tooted his horn, the young female again lofting her finger. Just then the head of an unsecured young child – probably around three – popped up in the back seat and turned to take in the action. Idiot mother.

After making the turn I quickly accelerated around the hoonette, the young female giving me the finger as I went past, continuing to gesture even when I was in front of her pulling away smartly.

Now since this young idiot reacted so strongly after she made several minor driving errors, just try to imagine how aggressively she will likely react if she does something really stupid behind the wheel. The world is full of idiot drivers, many of them young, and an increasing number of them females.


Anonymous ar said...

Ha ha. I recall a P-plated pretty young thing sitting in her car as the lights changed green. After a few seconds I gave the gentlest of toots and instantaneously her middle finger came out the window deploring my impatience. The reaction time was in milliseconds. If only she reacted as fast to the green light none of this would have happened...

6:40 PM  

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