Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tasty sells

A McDonalds deal for a 1623 calorie meal – Big Mac, cheese burger, medium fries, sundae and Coke – containing a whopping 68.5 grams of fat is proving popular, whereas the 422 calorie Wrap Combo – seared sweet chilli wrap, Mount Franklin water, fruit bag and garden salad – is less so.

So, who's irresponsible here, McDonalds for offering what sells, or the public for choosing the calorie and fat-rich gut-expander over the healthier alternative? Dietician Tania Ferraretto blames McDonalds:
I think it's completely irresponsible and ridiculous to promote a meal like this, especially in the current climate with obesity being such a problem.
Jeez Tania, surely anyone with the brain power needed to get to McDonalds and pay for their food would have to know that two burgers, fries, sundae and a Coke might be fattening. Caveat emptor.


Blogger Minicapt said...

On the other hand, a Baconator is good for you:


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

A McDonald's Premium Southwest Salad (430 calories) with croutons (60 calories) and ranch dressing (190 calories) is 680 calories all up. Add a fruit yogurt for dessert and that brings it to 840 calories. That's nearly the same as a quarter pounder with cheese (510 calories) plus a medium order of fries (380 calories).

I cringe more at people eating "healthy" salads convinced that they're Doing The Right Thing, than I do at someone who just says, "Well fuck it, I want a quarter pounder with cheese and a medium fries and youse all health nazis can go and get stuffed."

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