Saturday, March 05, 2011

Academics at odds

Lefty economist John Quiggin, leader of the "Risk and Sustainable Management Group at the University of Queensland" deems that the controversial management plan for the Murray-Darling "did mostly get it right":
A solution to the environmental, economic and social problems of the Murray Darling Basin is within our reach.
Wrong, says water expert John Briscoe:
Australia's performance on reforming the Murray-Darling Basin has been savaged by one of the world's top water experts, who says the process is flawed by political deception and opportunism.

Harvard University professor John Briscoe - a former senior water adviser for the World Bank - has urged Australia to dump the work done on the plan and start again with a new act of parliament.

His comments follow months of controversy over whether the Water Act of 2007 had forced the Murray-Darling Basin Authority to prepare a reform plan that favoured the environment over social and economic concerns.

In a statement to a Senate inquiry, Professor Briscoe said there was no doubt the Water Act gave priority to the environment, and claims to the contrary were ''poppycock''.
According to Quiggin, a failure to properly communicate the provisions of the management plan is the real problem. Or perhaps Bricoe is right in claiming that environmental concerns were given too high a priority.


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