Monday, June 20, 2011

Pure Poison omniscient

PP boy Jeremy Sear didn't notice that police car behind him but knows exactly what's going on with the government's atrocious poll results:
I think we can see exactly what’s happening.
Yeah, it's all down to media bias. Really.


Anonymous Chistery said...

No, it's down to PP bias.

According to Jezza it's a "shamelessly dishonest Opposition", rather than a 'shamelessly dishonest government'.

Jezza knows the opposition are lying about a policy that government hasn't released, and at the last election, promised it wouldn't. Got that? Only the opposition is lying here.

Jezza just knows.

ELSEWHERE: Someone call the waaaambulance. Jezza is having his tedious weekly whine about proportional representation. You're just like Piers and the Heiner Affair, aren't you, Jezza? Getting all worked up on a daily basis about something no-one is interested in hearing about.

7:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I think we can see exactly what’s happening."

Martians. Got to be the martians. In league with the robo-men, of course.

8:39 AM  
Anonymous Chistery said...

I note that comment#1 in the PP link is a post from Cuppa trying to drum up votes for GetUp's obsurd campaign to 'return the ABC to its charter' of being 'unbiased' by ridding the ABC of all right wing opinion.

Leftys always want to silence their opponents.

Anyway, I also note now that GetUP has distance itself from the campaign by (twice on the same page) advising readers that this campaign was created by a member and has nothing to do whatsoever with any current GetUp campaign.

Cuppa is the #1 champion of his campaign. It's a pity they haven't hit 2000 votes after 2 months of hard selling.

So here's an extra plug for you, Cuppa... Hey anyone want to help out these losers?

10:59 AM  

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