Sunday, November 13, 2011

"Captain" outrageous

Relentless self-promoter, Sea Shepherd supremo Paul Watson, describes himself as "the youngest founding member of Greenpeace". Greenpeace, which expelled Watson (by a vote of 11 to one, with only Watson himself in favour of his retention), disagrees:
He was an influential early member but not, as he sometimes claims, a founder.
Even way back then in the 70s, Watson's showboating didn't exactly endear him to his colleagues:
'No one doubted his [Watson's] courage for a moment. He was a great warrior brother. Yet in terms of the Greenpeace gestalt, he seemed possessed by too powerful a drive, too unrelenting a desire to push himself front and centre, shouldering everyone else aside… He had consistently gone around to other offices, acting out the role of mutineer. Everywhere he went, he created divisiveness… We all felt we'd got trapped in a web no one wanted to see develop, yet now that it had, there was nothing to do but bring down the axe, even if it meant bringing it down on the neck of our brother."
Like it or not, stand by for the yearly installment of Paul Watson's Southern Ocean rancid butter flinging follies.


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