Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Is there no end to the dastardly cunning of the Zionist Regime?
Turkish authorities claimed to have found the body of an Israeli spy in the country last week.
It was a bird.
The alleged spy was found in Gaziantep, and was suspected after a ring with a serial number and the word “Israel” stamped on it were found on its leg.
Those clever Turks have unraveled a fiendish plot
Turkish authorities say they have even more damning evidence of Israeli espionage: the bird’s unusually large nostril.
The Beyaz Gazete reports the nostril was big enough to insert a microchip in.
Fiendish Jews and their cunning nostrils! Barbra Streisand might want to rethink her next tour itinerary.


Anonymous Homohammad said...

“Fiendish Jews and their cunning nostrils!”

Indeed. There is no end to the perfidy of these servants of Shaytan who even train sharks to do their dirty work.

7:28 AM  
Anonymous Abu Baby Bashir said...

You are so right Homohammad my brother. But Allah, the all wise, the all knowing, protects Muslims, the best of men, against the worst. To aid our holy jihad Allah has guided many Western leftists to our cause, even some Jews. I will kill them last of all.

7:42 AM  

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