Saturday, September 22, 2012

Poor Mike Carlton

Further to the Sydney Islamoriots, Mike Carlton writes in the Syrian Moaning Halibut:
The nutters on the fringes went berserk, of course. There were a few snarling blogs calling for ''them'' to be sent back home, and text messages demanding reprisals. Although I deliberately did not listen to talkback radio, I imagine the usual shock jocks were doing their best to whip up fear and loathing as they did with the Cronulla riots.
It only seems fair. People deliberately didn't listen to Mike Carlton on radio, so why should he listen to others? Especially when he can simply "imagine" what they said and then attack them for saying it. I am imagining a giant man made of straw.
But everyone else stayed cool. Most impressive of all was the gathering of 25 Muslim organisations, coming together as never before to hose things down.
As never before? Here's a summary of the hosing:

a) Not all Muslims want to kill Australians. Yes, yes...
b) It's only a fringe minority. Yes, yes...
c) Quick... Look over there: It's really about Palestine.
d) Ho hum, can we please talk about Israel.

The one coming together as never before, would be a few thousand Muslims marching in the streets, denonuncing Jihad and doing so without trying to appear as victims.

Will we ever see Muslims marching in the streets this way? I doubt it. And yet, we know they can get a crowd together when it suits them...

Carlton continues:
And the woman who photographed her child with that placard calling for the beheading of those who insult the prophet apparently had no idea what ''behead'' meant. The police found she had been in the country just two years and spoke little English.
Silliest of all was the assertion by a handful of the loopy right-wing commentariat that multiculturalism is in crisis or has failed.
A woman has been in the country for two years and barely speaks English. How's that for success in multiculturalism. Fortunately the posters at Centrelink are translated into in Arabic.


Anonymous Steve at the Pub said...

She's been here two years (so she's not a tourist) yet can't speak English well enough to know what that sign meant? Yea Riiiiight! (the context will have told her, it's not as if any of the other signs said anything peaceful or something - she's "uni educated" so she's smart enough to work that part out)

But how did she get into the country?

I work with tonnes of immigrants, all of whom have to pass an English language test (mandated by the ALP govt.) of such complexity that about half the Australian born staff here fail it.

But then again, the people I work with, they...well.... work and entered on a work visa, to contribute to the country.

How many hours of productive work has this university educated woman put in for Australia (her groovy new homeland)? The clue is in how much English language skill she's developed in two years......

5:00 AM  
Blogger TimT said...

If only Carlton would enlighten us as to what the real message on the poster should be. I expect it will be something benign like JULIA GILLARD GOOD PRIME MINISTER IS or maybe FEED MIKE CARLTON CHOCOLATE NOW.

11:57 AM  

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