Thursday, September 27, 2012

Vote or Die

Internet polls are largely worthless, however here's the one currently running on 2GB's website courtesy of broadcaster Alan Jones.
The Alan Jones breakfast show daily poll In the wake of the Muslim riots across the world and here in Australia, around about the time of the anniversary of September 11, various Western leaders fell over themselves to apologise for an anti-Islamic video which had been accessible for some months on the internet. But Western leaders were quick to accept that this violent and militant behaviour, resulting in the death of a senior American diplomat in Libya and appalling placard-waving in Sydney urging that infidels be beheaded – in the wake of all of that there seemed to be a greater focus on apologising for the video than on dealing, here in Australia, with appalling anti-Australian, anti-social behaviour. My question today, knowing that if any other Australian behaved in this way the treatment would be swift and severe, is the treatment of such militant minorities too soft to the extent that they don’t get the message that you can’t behave this way in this country. The question is, is our response to these militant minorities too soft?
Currently running at 98% Yes, 2% no. Chances of him and his listeners being called racists? 100%.


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