Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Can't tell right from wrong, good from evil...

The Sydney Morning Herald yesterday reported on the shooting murder of a former US Navy Seal sniper.
He became proficient at his job, racking up more than 150 kills and becoming the scourge of Iraqi insurgents, who put a price on his head and reportedly nicknamed him the "Devil of Ramadi." He preferred to think of his job not as killing bad guys, but saving the good.
"I feel pretty good because I am not just killing someone, I am also saving people," he said in a Jan. 2012 interview with The Dallas Morning News. "What keeps me up at night is not the people that I have killed. It is the people I wasn't able to save."
Today, the SMH printed a letter which amounts to glee that he's dead and equates him with Jihadis.

By the sword 

America's "top sniper" shot dead (''America's deadliest sniper' shot dead'', smh.com.au, February 4)? I can't think of a more fitting way for a man who murdered 150 people from places of hiding without giving them a chance to protest their innocence, surrender or fight back. It is the most contemptible of all military occupations. Along with drone pilots. 
Gordon Drennan Burton (SA)
Murdered? Would that be like the Navy SEALs who "murdered" Osama Bin Laden as well? Before he even had a chance to shoot them in the face. Cowards!

Witness the blind moral equivalence of leftists who can't distinguish good from evil, right from wrong.


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