Monday, February 11, 2013

Total Denial

Further to the cowardly decision by some venues to cancel bookings for Geert Wilders' speaking tour, a letter to the Sydney Morning Herald
The last-minute cancellation of the venue booked to host Geert Wilders is a timely warning to Australia. We all know about the hateful preaching in mosques where political Islam is disseminated and yet a Dutch parliamentarian, who speaks peacefully to warn Westerners about this, is denied a place to speak. Wilders points out the danger of sharia to our secular, liberal democracies. Where is the ''hate-mongering'' in this? 
 Gabrielle Lord Randwick 
This resulted in immediate denial of reality.
Would Gabrielle Lord (Letters, February 8) please give details of ''the hateful teaching in mosques'' that ''we all know about''? Where and when, and what was said?
Diddy FitzGerald Windsor
Today, he gets a simple answer.
In response to Diddy FitzGerald's question (Letters, February 9-10) as to where, when, and what was said, might I offer: Lakemba mosque, 2006, and women being compared to uncovered meat deserving of any rape that comes their way. Hateful enough?
Michael McIntosh Little Bay
Only one example? From 6 years ago? Well that hardly proves anything!


Blogger Berko Wills said...

Not a big fan of Right Wing politics and hugely not looking forward to an Abbott government but here I'm in a hundred per cent agreement. This whole "respecting people's religion" is a crock - sure, I agree we shouldn't be charging into churches, temples, mosques and disrupting services but, beyond that, we have every right to point out the shortcomings of faith and invite others to do so.
ESPECIALLY when they're violent and actively threatening our (way of) life.

8:22 AM  

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