Saturday, March 02, 2013

La La La I can't hear you....

As Andrew Landeryou notes:
There’s a lot we don’t know about Australian-Israeli alleged spy Ben Zygier, other than there’s a grieving family and one of our friends and allies, Israel, known for its robust democracy and rigorous judicial system, appears to have caught him committing a serious criminal offence
Indeed nobody really knows much at all. So the ABC, evidently looking for an expert in knowing nothing, decided Antony Loewenstein would be a useful interview candidate on the subject.
The Jewish community, who for the most part have ignored Loewenstein as little more than a joke, have finally realised that the taxpayer funded ABC can do a lot better.

Peter Wertheim, a Jewish leader has written a point by point takedown of Loewenstein's comments. In summary, he doesn't know what the hell he is talking about (no news to readers of this blog) and the ABC, by giving him airtime has demonstrated it doesn't know what it's doing either.

Read it all on Jwire.

Vexnews' takedown is far less polite and repeats some of Loewenstein's earlier comments that should surely make any ABC producer think twice before taking him seriously. Apparently not. Your tax dollars at work, people.

Despite a point by point rebuttal by Wertheim of his weak arguments, Loewenstein's reply, as always is not forthcoming. Instead he merely sneers and believes this is 'proof' of some great conspiracy.
If nothing else, this plays into the worst stereotypes of under-handed Jewish behaviour. Another own goal; well done lobby.
Oooooohhhh. "The lobby"... Booga booga booga! Whatever, Loewenstein.

Can't wait to hear Loewestein's original dissertation at the forthcoming Marxism conference. Seriously. If only I could find the time to attend...



Anonymous Blobbsy said...

I sometimes wonder if there was a war against Australia and Israel, which side all these ardent Australian Jews would support.

4:07 AM  
Anonymous Jill said...

I didn't hear about Al commenting.

I did hear the 774 people interviewing Richard Silverstein - the anti Israel dude about this.
When I rang up to query this, the producer told me he was the firswt to nblog (incorrectly, which she did not mention) about the mysterious death in Israel.

She said no Israeli govt people would talk to them about it.
however it turns out that an Age reporter, John Masanakus (?) - can't recall the name, sorry - actually wrote something about this back in 2009!!!

Lies, or rushing to radio??
You decide.

Hey Blobbsy, if a war between Israel and Australia were to eventuate, Australia would no longer be a country of democracy.
As it is we are already Austrabia, given the abstention in the UN, so we're practically there.

It would n ot be about Australia vs Israel though, given that every democracy has been infiltrated by mad Marxists.
It would come down to civil war in each country.

12:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I fail to understand why you continue to make pointless undergrad style sneering comments here blobbsy. Just inane rubbish. You must have been brought up with an unjustified sense of entitlement. Like most lefties

5:06 PM  
Anonymous AntL said...

Blobbsy: "if there was a war against Australia and Israel"

Blobbsy the people around here will take a typo as evidence of your stupidity, but I know better. They only doo that because they can't handle the truth of your argmuents.

And, if I have anything to doo with it, Australia will soon turn against Israel. Me and my new leftist friends at the ABC and Fairfax are wonking hard to make this happen.

9:20 AM  

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