Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Root Cause Ignored

Andrew Bolt calls out the 'seeming, not doing' activist movement. One of them, Bob Geldof makes a common mistake suggesting:
everything you talk about in your profession, climate change, nuclear proliferation, terrorism, all those things, come from poverty, come from the scourge of poverty…
Nuclear proliferation? I'm pretty sure poor people aren't buying uranium centrifuges with their welfare cheques. As for poverty causing terrorism, that joins 'occupation' and 'poor education' as the 'root cause' argument of choice by people with No Idea.

Fact: The 9/11 hijackers were wealthy, educated Saudis. Yasser Arafat (and now his wife) was worth billions of dollars. Meanwhile impoverished Mexicans aren't calling for Death to America. So it isn't money.

Fact: The occupied Tibetans have never encouraged their children to die for Buddha or launched rockets and suicide bombers into China. So it isn't occupation.

What else could it possibly be? Their haircuts? Choice of Music? Video games?

When will these naive fools realise that the single biggest root cause of global terrorism is Islam, rather than shouting "look over there"?


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