Thursday, May 09, 2013

Baby Boom

It has often been said there will only be peace when the Arabs love their own children more than they hate the Jews.

Here's what the Palestinian propaganda sheets ran:

Israeli medical error causes a child from Gaza to lose his four limbs

Israeli medical error causes a child from Gaza to lose his four limbs 
Al Qassam website- Gaza- Palestinian citizen from the city of Khan Younis in the  southern Gaza Strip revealed that due to a medical error committed by one of the Israeli hospitals, his child has lost his hands and feet.
Abu Ahed Farra, 37, said that their suffering has begun when his youngest son Mohammed, who was born in August 2009, started suffering from continuous diarrhea.
He said that doctors in Gaza were unable to diagnose his illness, so they moved him to an Israeli hospital, where he remained more than eight months hospitalized.
Notice how they moved him to an Israeli hospital? Can't you just feel that "apartheid"?

Oh, and here's what actually happened.
 In his short life, Palestinian toddler Mohammed al-Farra has known just one home: the yellow-painted children's ward in Israel's Tel Hashomer hospital.

Born in Gaza with a rare genetic disease, Mohammed's hands and feet were amputated because of complications from his condition, and the 3 1/2-year-old carts about in a tiny red wheelchair. His parents abandoned him, and the Palestinian government won't pay for his care, so he lives at the hospital with his grandfather."There's no care for this child in Gaza, there's no home in Gaza where he can live," said the grandfather, Hamouda al-Farra.
Read it all for an insight into the sick society which has festered in Gaza.


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