Saturday, May 25, 2013

Exclusive Publification

Antony Loewenstein redefines another word to suit his resume:
Australian publication New Matilda published my interview with journalist and author Jeremy Scahill yesterday. 
The "publication" is in fact a website. The only way it's getting printed is if someone presses Control-P.

The blurb therein:
Journalist Jeremy Scahill has spent his life exposing the dark recesses of US foreign policy. He talks independent media, drones and terror in this exclusive interview with Antony Loewenstein
Scahill had been interviewed by Phillip Adams on the ABC about a week earlier. Keep getting those scoops Antony...



Anonymous TBS said...

Let's just shift a few syllables and AL rightly gets described as an "independent terror drone".

7:41 PM  

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