Friday, May 03, 2013

Failed Journalist Offers Tips

Antony Loewenstein helpfully offers some "Reporting tips for Murdoch’s Australian over Palestine, BDS and Gaza"

He then goes on to reprint the entire article (normally behind a paywall) adding little by way of rebuttal other than mentioning a few politicians who bought tickets and then changed their mind (probably after waking up sober). A robust Fisking this ain't.

Perhaps The Australian should offer aspiring journalist Antony some tips on what constiutes Fair Use and what is simply plagiarism.

He closes with a typically sneering reference to:
"the Israeli spokespeople who claim to be “journalists” at the Murdoch rag".
I believe the correct term is "employable".



Anonymous Ant L said...

Oh Dan, you can't take your eyes off moi, can you? I quite lik our little bromance.

You must be so jealous of me. Look at it this way: if I am as dumb as you semen to think, then I have done very well with my little talents. You must be seething that you are not a pubic intellectual like me.

But here's the thing - it isn't about the seppeling! And it is not about sticking to conservative idears.

The time has come to abolish the idear of the "Jew". Then you wouldn't need Israel and the world would be a better place. Get with the program look at me - I've got new leftist friends, especially at the ABC and they have recognised the uneek voice I bring to the table. If more Jews were like me there wouldn't be any. Problem solved!

10:12 AM  

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