Saturday, May 25, 2013

Protesting violence.... Or not.

Let's say someone drew a cartoon of the Muslim prophet Mohammed. London's Muslims would be out in force.

If someone organised a protest against Israel, within hours there would be hundreds, if not thousands of angry Muslims marching in the street (ably assisted by their useful idiot friends of the Left).

Of course when a couple of Muslims hack a man to death on a London street, what can you expect? A few letters to the editor, some statements and that's about it. Oh, and outright endorsement of their violence.

Where is the protest against Jihad? Where is the protest against Islamist violence? It's not as though the Muslim community can't organise a crowd when it suits them.

Silence is acceptance. The silence is deafening.


Anonymous Blobbsy said...

The English Defence League have been out protesting

The EDL apparently welcome Jews into their fold.

6:21 AM  

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