Monday, May 06, 2013

The Anti-Clover

Love this guy:
One of the more gruesome parts of running for office is answering a constant stream of questionnaires from special interest groups that verge on push-polling. Peter Burkinshaw, a candidate for this week's British local government elections, has decided to tell it like it is.
"Would you agree that creating very high-quality cycling routes to encourage new people to cycle offers by far the best cost-benefit ratio for transport improvements that facilitate growth of the city and surrounding areas?" he was asked in a cycling survey leaked to the Guido Fawkes blog.
"You are asking for benefits paid for by other road users," came the reply. "I would prefer more car parks." A response to a question on policing read: "Cyclists are by far the most undisciplined road users. On several occasions, I have had to stop or dodge cyclists riding through red lights when crossing at pedestrian crossings. More police attention to cyclists would be useful."
A question on cycleways was met with: "This proposal amounts to theft from the people who pay to use roads and the benefit given to those who don't."
That was only warming up. Queries on specific projects were answered: "Only if cyclists pay for it," and "Again, only if you don't expect everybody else to pay for it." But the bluntest response came to a "What do you intend to do about cycling signs?" question: "Nothing."


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