Sunday, February 27, 2005

Mom is full of surprises

Every Saturday I do the weekly shopping for my mother and then drop it off to her at the retirement home. She's going great guns especially considering she's 89.

The retirement home was a bit of shock for her because she had until then lived in a spacious three bedroom unit. She needed the space because, having grown up dirt poor, she's an accumulator: bits of string, magazines, broken bits and pieces, you name it, she had it. Other than stuff she should have thrown out but hadn't, she had also accumlated lots of old clothes she'd come across while working for a charity op-shop. Most of this stuff went out when she vacated her unit. Most, but not all.

Yesterday, at the end of our nice little visit, she gave me a shopping bag containing miscellaneous bits and pieces she wanted my daughter to go through: anything she wanted, my daughter could have. Today my daughter went through the bag to find it contained mostly costume jewellery. But, at the bottom of the bag was a surprise, a tooled leather belt divided into twelve panels, each showing a couple in a different sexual position.

Obviously she's not the typical 89 year old mother.

Update: According to my daughter, her grandmother often remarked on the weird stuff donated to the charity op-shop. She apparently brought a lot of the stuff home to show her cronies for a laugh. One item they found especially amusing was a leather cat-o'-nine-tails. Oh, to have been a fly on the wall as the old ladies considered the possibilites ...


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