Monday, March 28, 2005

Religious leaders accuse US of contaminating vaccines

If Bob Herbert thinks the US isn't far from the Middle Ages in its treatment of prisoners – see post below – where in time would he place these goings on?
Accusations by Islamic preachers that vaccines are part of an American anti-Islamic plot are threatening efforts to combat a measles epidemic that has killed hundreds of Nigerian children, health workers say.

Government officials play down the anti-vaccine sentiment, but all the measles deaths have been in Nigeria's north, where authorities had to suspend polio immunizations last year after hard-line clerics fanned similar fears of that vaccine.
I reckon only Karl Rove is clever enough to dream up a scheme like this. Start a rumour in a Muslim area that vaccines are contaminated, which, of course, they aren't. The locals get all excited and refuse to have their children vaccinated. Many will fall ill, some will die. Every death is one fewer potential al Qaeda recruit. Is Rove an evil genius, or what? (Just thought I'd beat the loony lefties to the conspiracy theory on this one.)


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