Saturday, April 16, 2005

EU consitution a "judicial monster"

You're probably aware Jacques Chirac went on French TV the other day to pitch for a YES vote on the EU constitution. Chirac's TV performance was less than convincing, consisting as it did of a stage managed on-air discussion with 80 politically unsophisticated youths.

Now, a member of Chirac's UMP has urged the French to vote NO. According to Niclolas Dupont-Aignan:
"If this Constitution wins, it is the end of Europe."

"The system has been built without the will of the people and they will revolt within ten years if this [treaty] is passed."

"We cannot build a solid European future on such a complex text," the MP added, branding the Constitution a 'judicial monster' which he said would be the end of free states in Europe.
Mark Steyn predicted the EU consitution would be ratified; maybe this is one of those rare occassion he gets it wrong. I reckon the constitution is irrelevant, Europe is doomed.


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