Thursday, May 19, 2005


It wasn't all that long ago that threatening or "roughing up" a ne'er do well was part of effective policing. Not any more:
A police officer alleged to have told an arrested teenager he would "smash his Arab face in" has been suspended pending a standards investigation, Scotland Yard said today.

This poor little kiddie now lives in fear:
The youth, who is understood to fear reprisals if he is identified, is from Bayswater and was stopped by police on a street in west London.

He has lived in Britain since his childhood and is now a UK citizen after his mother claimed asylum. The boy, thought to be 16, is also known to local authorities.
As we all know "known to local authorities" means the kid's a scumbag.

The Guardian's headline for this article – Constable suspended 'after racist tirade caught on mobile' – leaves no doubt the cop's guilty. But, guilty of what? The kid was called an Arab but isn't. In any event Arab is hardly a pejorative. Would the cop be in as much trouble had he called a non-gay youngster gay? Or called a non-male a male? It all seems pretty silly to me.


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