Friday, September 30, 2005


Lefty Australian academic Tim "Fact-Check Boy" Lambert has a bit of a stoush going with John Brignell. (Lambert bounces my links, so you'll have to copy and paste if you'd like to read all about it.) The stoush itself isn't nearly as interesting as Lambert's characterization of Brignell:
He can’t bring himself to mention my name, he makes blatantly false claims (specifically, I do attack his arguments, and I do cite other authorities) and indulges in name-calling.
Lambert obviously doesn't realize he's perfectly describing himself:
  • He refuses to respond to me directly at his blog (see, or at other blogs and bounces my links.
  • He falsely claims that that I have made inappropriate personal attacks in comments at his blog; he used this as a pretext to remove an entire comment.
  • He has repeatedly called me an "attention seeker" and "troll" (see as an example).
Now, because Lambert refuses to respond to me directly at his blog, much of this nastiness spilled over into Mark Bahnisch's Larvatus Prodeo. When Lambert also refused to respond to me directly at Larvatus, I decided to drop the matter. Lambert, however, just couldn't resist getting in a parting shot, commenting:
Mark, I’m sorry that my trolls followed me here and caused you grief. I’ve found that quickly deleting their abusive comments keeps things on the level. Even normally civil commenters can start posting insults once one abusive comment is allowed to stand.
To which I responded:
Tim Lambert sounds the bell for round two.

Which trolls would those be, Mr Lambert? Both CL and I commented in the prior thread long before you did, so, if anything, it looks like you followed us here. (There is a great temptation to call you a “crtn” at this point, but, despite the ample supporting evidence, I’ll resist the temptation.)

Perhaps you’d like to enlighten us as to my qualifications as an “attention seeker” and troll. You know, the number of comments I’ve made at your site, ever. The number of different threads I’ve commented in. The number of comments you’ve removed because of comments policy infractions. Perhaps you could even quote some of my inappropriate comments.

Are you going to back up your words this time around or are you going to do what you normally do and disappear so your like-minded lackies can draw attention away from you? You might want to email Ian Gould requesting emergency assistance.

C’mon Mr Lambert be brave.
I even emailed Lambert a copy of my comment to make sure he knew about it. Not surprisingly, he has yet to respond. Brave, ain't he?

Lambert should follow his own advice (see and correct his claims or apologize, or both.


Anonymous The_Real_JeffS said...

"Lambert The Weenie". Has a nice ring to it, yes?

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