Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Lefty Australian blogger Antony Loewenstein has condemned a Jewish American multi-millionaire for holding a lavish party for his daughter. For purposes of clarity – or lack thereof, depending on your point of view – here's the whole post:
Money buys lots of lollies

Who said that being a multimillionaire defence contractor doesn't make good business sense? David H. Brooks' daughter had her bat-mitzvah last weekend in the US, so naturally enough daddy wanted to show how much he cared - while ignoring the misery his job actually creates - and hired a plethora of A-list musicians to entertain the audience/kid's party.

A worthwhile lesson in how dirty money can be used for good...instead of evil.
This post has several obvious problems. Weak title aside, the first sentence makes no sense: Brooks isn't successful because he's a millionaire, he's successful because he has good business sense that enabled him to become a millionaire.

There's also the little matter of Brooks's "dirty money" derviving from "the misery his job actually creates". Brooks runs DBH Industries, supplier of body armor for law enforcement and the military. Obviously, angry Ant picked up on the "defence contractor' aspect and was too lazy to check out the details of Brooks's company. Either that or he's so enamoured of the heroic Iraqi resistance that he thinks providing body armor that keeps American forces alive is a dirty business.

Finally, Ant's concluding sentence doesn't make any sense either.

If his blogging form is any guide, Ant's upcoming book is going to be a hoot.

Update: An angry Ant commenter confirms the misery created by American body armor:
Just lets soldiers live to fight n kill more "A-rabs" another day.
Yep, killing more Americans is going to solve Iraq's problems.

Update II: Angry Ant in comments:
I had no idea a bat-mitzvah was Jewish? I had a bloody bar-mitzvah myself in the good old days...

As I say, making money by military means is morally wrong. Of course, some little capitalists are proud of anyone who makes a buck, no matter the means.
Ant, a Jew himself, doesn't know what a bat mitzvah is? Making money by military means? The military has the means to make money? That explains why an M1 tanks is so big; it has an intaglio press print-shop hidden within.

Seriously, is Ant naive, stupid, alcohol addicted or does he actually believe the hyperbolic shit he writes. All soldiers are immoral!

Update: Thanks to Tim Blair for the link. For more weak-arsed lefty bullshit go here.



Anonymous The Brute said...

No. I wonder if dreamboat has actually met a soldier before?

7:07 AM  
Anonymous jic said...

Just to be fair to AL, the line about the Bat Mitzvah was in reply to a commenter. He knew exactly what one was. Now, lets get back to slamming the loathsome little turd.

9:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

fuck off stop being such a jealous mother fucker and dont stop talking about this fucking bat mitsvah and get over our selves honestly do u have no fucking other thing to do in this world besides try and fuck up other peoples lives and just worry about ur own this happened lke years ago an d ur still fucking obsessing? wow u obviosly have no life or potential to do anyhitng in your life besides makung fun of people who nine of us even know so wow think about thatt the next time u talk shit about someone

10:24 PM  

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