Sunday, January 01, 2006


The Sydney Morning Herald accounts for Sydney's largely peaceful New Year's celebrations:
Sydney ushered in the new year under the cloak of an immense security crackdown, as police tried to keep a lid on simmering community tensions.
Cloak? Crackdown? All the SMH editors must be either hungover or on holiday.

Update: Dubbo obviously isn't cloaked in a crackdown:
Four youths have been arrested following an alleged mob attack on two police officers at Dubbo, in central western NSW.

The mob allegedly attacked about 2am (AEDT) today after the detectives stopped a car suspected of having been stolen in West Dubbo.
But was this a racially motivated attack?

Update II: Dubbo is about to be cloaked in a crackdown. And, yes, it's a race thing:
Police in Dubbo have called on extra resources from around New South Wales to prevent a second night of violence in a public housing estate.

Police say 200 people were involved in a riot in the Gordon Estate, which left one policeman in hospital with a suspected broken jaw.

Detective Inspector Michael Willing says the Aboriginal liaison officer is working with residents.
No word yet on the number of indigenous supremacists involved.


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