Thursday, April 13, 2006


As noted earlier, a group of right of centre Australian bloggers have agreed to give up food for nine whole hours on 11 May in hope of raising money for anti-malaria bed-nets. If you'd like to help, go to the Right Wing DDT Beasts' sponsorship page and make a donation.

Update: Joe Cambria just kicked in AU$100 to get things rolling. Way to go, Joe.

Update II: There have been a number of very generous donations, probably mostly from Tim Blair readers directed to the sponsorship page by his link. Thanks to all.

It is important to note that I'm well aware that one charity or another always seems to have its hand out wanting our hard earned cash. Hell, they even ring up at home trying to sell raffle tickets. It can get really annoying. This effort is a bit different; there is no pressure or guilt involved and 100% of proceeds go for the purchase of anti-malaria bed-nets. Any amount from US$5 up would be greatly appreciated but, if you'd rather not donate that's fine too because just by reading this you've become more aware that malaria continues to be a big problem. Thanks for your time.

Update III: We've just passed US$500 in donations. Fantastic!


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