Thursday, June 22, 2006


Comrade Maria Rosa Jimenez, a Cuban trained minion of Commandante Hugo Chavez, will visit Australia as a vanguard of Venezueala's "Bolivarian revolution":
"We believe that the Venezuelan revolution cannot remain solely focused within its own borders - we need to spread what we are constructing here to other countries because it is not possible for one country on its own to defeat the monster that is imperialism."
Has a familiar ring to it, no? How's this for some of that good old commie personality cult crapola?
“We need to strongly ratify the leadership of Commandante Chavez. Without Chavez, there is no revolutionary process ..."
According to comrade Jimenez, el Commandante is our only hope:
We need solidarity against the politics of the US in all parts of the world. The US is saying Venezuela has been militarised, that we have a dictatorship and all the rest of it. Any way you can [expose these lies] helps protect us against this campaign.

“The best way [to provide solidarity] is to spread this information, just like the actions you are taking already. Because it is not just a matter of defending Venezuela, but a question of saving the human race. The world is in crisis — ecological, political, social and moral — generated by imperialism, sufficiently serious to endanger the whole world. It is a battle that is necessary to save the human species.
Yep, it's a Bolivarian revolution alright: Chavez's hijacking of his name will have Simón Bolívar rapidly spinning in his grave.


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