Monday, July 17, 2006


Bill Clinton suggests an assertive international response to Sudan's rejection of UN peace-keepers:
“The Sudanese government should be pressurized by the international community to accept a larger number of troops from the international community in order to stop the killing in Darfur and to get a lasting solution.”
But, in order to avoid offence:
“To make things acceptable to the Sudanese government, the international community can mobilize troops from Muslim countries like Turkey, Pakistan and Bangladesh.”
Just imagine Clinton's presidential response to 9/11.

Update: In other political news, Russian defence minister Sergey Ivanov predicts Israel's military action could cause a regional war. EU Observer notes that Ivanov is especially well qualified to make such a prediction:
... he has regular contacts with Hamas...
Sounds like the Russians see some money to be made.


Anonymous The_Real_JeffS said...

JF, you forgot to close the door to that alternate universe again.

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