Monday, November 13, 2006


The Tasmanian government proposes a $56 million, ten year program to eliminate feral foxes. Wow, $56 million, foxes must be a big problem:
[Wildlife biologist Nick Mooney] says it is difficult to estimate how many of the elusive animals are in the state, but it could be 50 or several hundred.
Jeez, sounds like the plan is to kill the little critters with gold ingots dropped from helicopters.

Maybe instead they could allow well-heeled British former fox hunters, who would probably pay plenty, to come to Tasmania to kill the foxes for them.

Update: In unrelated critter news:
The 17-year-old was driving a four-wheel drive when he was stopped at midnight ACST on Saturday in Darwin.

The teenager was breath tested, and police say he allegedly blew 0.131.

Police say the boy was then being questioned when he spotted a snake on the road.

Seizing the opportunity, he snatched the reptile and pointed its head at the officers.

Police told the teenager to drop it, but they say he instead took off into some nearby scrub with the snake still in hand.
A police officer would no doubt feel pretty silly saying, "drop the snake or I'll shoot."


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