Friday, December 15, 2006


Over the past few days a dispute over Antony Loewenstein's comment censorship has been simmering at Madhab Al-Irfy, one of Muslim lawyer Irfan Yusuf's blogs. Daniel Lewis correctly maintains that Loewenstein doesn't allow dissenting comments; anonymous commenters disagree.

The until now minor dispute has taken a nasty turn with the posting of the following threat:
Daniel Lewis of *********** ***, you have been writing racist anti-Arab and anti-Muslim letters to major newspapers in Australia for some time now. You have also been writing similar messages on Tim Blair's blog.

Admit it or I will post your address and telephone number here.
Bear in mind that the comment appears at a moderated blog, with Yusuf vetting all comments. It's interesting the comment was allowed to be posted.

* I removed the suburb name to help protect Lewis's privacy (it may not be the correct suburb anyway); Yusuf should at least have done the same.

Update: The threatening comment has been removed.


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