Friday, December 29, 2006


Jeremy Sear is very upset (imagine that) with Blogger for failing to respond to his emails following the hacking and theft of his blogs. True to form, Sear is also still whining about Blogger's perceived password security shortcomings -- he is, of course, doing this from a Blogger blog.

I predict Blogger will ultimately tell him that his password wasn't sufficiently elaborate. It'll be interesting to see what they say about returning his blogs to him.

In amongst his whining about Blogger, Sear has found time to complain about the Howard government's LPG vehicle conversion rebate:
Far from being a solution to the problem, Howard's ridiculous LPG rebate bribe is turning out to be the turkey that we always predicted it would be.
Sear objects to the program on economic terms: he reckons it's too expensive for both consumers and taxpayers.

Oddly, Sear says nothing about the huge environmental and other benefits of operating a vehicle on LPG rather than petrol or diesel:greatly reduced exhaust emissions across the board;

*left frequent oil changes (less waste oil);

*waste oil is cleaner and therefore less polluting;

*extended engine life (vehicles need replacement less often);

*very little LPG escapes into the atmosphere during fuel transfer operations;

*cheaper than liquid fuels.

No matter how you look at it, LPG users are going to save money and help the environment in the process. Rather than complain, the very green Sear should be delighted that the government has come to the party. Nah, some people aren't happy unless they're whining about something.

Update: Blogger has restored Sear's blogs to him. He is naturally very happy but doesn't say if Blogger offered any comment on the circumstances surrounding the hacking. How the thief got past the password security is still a mystery. Regardless, the incident has generated much publicity for Sear, who has yet to report the theft to police. Hmm.


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