Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Brent Herbert, favoured Tim Lambert DDT "myth debunker", has a major bedbug problem; by the look of it he has a stimulant problem as well -- his two Indymedia posts over the past two weeks running to over 12,000 words. Before that he pointed to a vast conspiracy to remove bedbugs stories from the media -- he didn't realize Google News archives articles after 30 days.

Here's the latest DDT conspiracy gospel according to Herbert (240 words out of over 7,000 in his latest post):
The reason why the right wing is spreading the falsehood that DDT is the miracle chemical that fights malaria, and that environmentalists are killing millions of people, is because they are trying to make Mr. DDT into Mr. Happy so that when it comes time to spray down the country with DDT to stop that bedbug, people will no longer be haunted with fears about DDT but will instead have a warm fuzzy feeling, and not mind having their place sprayed with DDT.

This will then save billions of dollars in equity, and hotels will not have to worry that people will avoid hotels, this time not because of a bedbug, but because their room was doused with DDT. Something must be done to rehabilitate the reputation of DDT, and fast, real fast, because the bedbug is spreading fast, real fast.

The only problem with this reckless course of action is that when the DDT resistant bedbug comes roaring back, you wind up having DDT in your place, which means that you now are worse off than before, because you have a permanent Frankenstein bug in your place, for, you see, DDT does not break down in the environment, but rather it is a persistent organic pesticide. If you had to chose the lesser of two evils, the bedbug is the right choice, because as I have discovered you can deal with a bedbug but you cannot deal with Frankenstein.
Herbert obviously has not idea what he's talking about: this explains why Lambert linked to him and he in turn links to Lambert.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The phrase "dumb as carp" comes to mind.

7:20 AM  
Anonymous Jack Lacton said...

The best bit that while mosquitoes and bedbugs may well become DDT resistant it still acts as a repellent, a point Lambert never makes.

10:01 PM  

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