Monday, March 26, 2007


Al Gore has a profound effect on the gullible, in the process creating what will undoubtedly be a growth industry:
Melissa Pickett, an eco-therapist with a practice in Santa Fe, sees anywhere from 40 to 80 eco-anxious patients a month. They complain of panic attacks, loss of appetite, irritability and unexplained bouts of weakness, sleeplessness and "buzzing," which they describe as the eerie feeling that their cells are twitching. Pickett's remedies include telling patients to carry natural objects, like certain minerals, for a period of weeks. Making environmentally friendly lifestyle changes can also prove therapeutic, she said.
Lefties are nuts, really.

Update: Eco-therapist Melissa Pickett is also an energy expert.


Anonymous DocBud said...

Noetic Field Balancing? Fortunately for this woman and many like her, there is truly one born every minute, just waiting for these charlatans to relieve them of a bob or two thousand. Any idea what LMHC stands for? Loonies Made Happy Chaps? Lots of Money Hopefully Comes?

11:22 AM  

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