Monday, April 09, 2007


Clinical Counsellor (domestic violence prevention) Alex -- a loony lefty, of course -- has a go at conservative commenter Rob for daring to question the behaviour of the recently repatriated "we only want to go home" British fighting men and woman:
Rob’s just another ‘brave’ keyboard commando. His male virulence has somehow been compromised by this drama.
Imagine being in a session with a counsellor who drops a clanger like that. It's time to make a move for the door.

Anyway, mister professional counsellor is inclined to the personal attack:
Beck, who is a dysfunctional blog stalker in the tradition of Iain Hall, totally ignores the issue here.
A few days later he sent me an email asking me not to take the insults personally. Fuckwit.

Update: In a subsequent comment in the same thread, Helen makes Alex look like a genius. It's lefty entertainment at its full flight whiny best.


Anonymous Rob said...

Thanks, JF.

10:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The loony left lends itself to self-parody. This is another fine example

11:05 PM  

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