Monday, May 07, 2007


As everyone familiar with Antony Loewenstein is aware, his writing career is pretty much based on the claim that he is the ongoing victim of a mainstream Jewish conspiracy to silence him. He is, in short, a staunch advocate of free speech. Co-blogger Andre is equally passionate on the right of dissenting voices to be heard:
Ant and I are strongly against censoring comments unless of course, they get seriously out of hand.

There is no conspiracy here and no one is trying to fool anyone. Like I said, if your posts get stuck in moderation, I have offered to look at them and post them on your behalf. How many bloggers do you know have offered to do that, especially for petty whingers like yourself?

Get a life mate.
To which Daniel Lewis responded:
You are a liar Andre.

I've had every single one of my posts to this site moderated in the past. I expect this one to be no different.

I also posted 24 hours ago, yet it remains in moderation.

I don't expect you to publish this one, of course, but just want you to be aware there are a number of people who know you are lying (as do you) and screencaps will see you come undone courtesy of other bloggers with more integrity (and readers) than you two.
The above comment has gone missing. Andre is indeed a liar.

Update: The missing comment turns up -- it's a great oops! for Andre.


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