Monday, June 25, 2007


The Australian Consumers' Association isn't convinced carbon offset schemes are worthwhile:
Offsetting your carbon emissions isn’t really the primary targetprevention is better than cure and almost everyone agrees that we need to reduce our emissions now. There are three steps - for more information see go to the website of the Australian Conservation Foundation.
  • First trying to reduce your own emissions by using energy efficiently in your home and car (and ideally, taking fewer flights).
  • Second, buy renewable energy (we can help you compare the best GreenPower products and prices).
  • Finally, offset the rest, including your flights.
But choose your offset scheme carefully. There are big differences in where they invest your money, how much of your money is actually invested in projects, their prices, how long it’ll take for the project to offset your emissions, whether the offsets are independently audited and their source of accreditation (if any).

Without proper regulation or standardisation, it’s hard to know which carbon-offset scheme to go for. You can’t compare products with confidence. Standardisation (possibly through regulation) of this fast-growing industry is vital, so you can know what you’re buying is bona fide, and to help you compare offers.
In short, carbon offsets are very iffy. I'm shocked.


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